SymfUni: Copenhagen’s Student Orchestra was founded by a group of students at the University of Copenhagen in 2007. Today, the orchestra consists of about 60 students from many different areas of study at the University of Copenhagen as well as a large group of international students and students from other universities in the greater Copenhagen area.

The orchestra has played concerts with a broad repertoire – from Beethoven to Bizet. SymfUni often collaborates with choirs, other orchestras, and professional musicians. Every spring, the orchestra travels to other European countries to play in festivals and collaborative concerts. In the spring  of 2012, the orchestra traveled to the Netherlands to perform Gade’s Erl King’s Daughter together with a Dutch student choir and in December 2013 the orchestra traveled to Dresden in Germany. Since then, the orchestra has been to Leuven, Prague, Cracow, Berlin, and many other cities.

It is important for us that being a member of SymfUni is a lot of fun both socially and musically for everyone who loves to play classical music!

Rehearsals: Wednesday 7 – 9.30 p.m